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Sweat Revenge

Last few weeks, I was approached by a friend for a weight loss program monitored by her online, and it costs around RM370 per month. I was like, really? Too expensive for a fitness program where you can Google it online or subscribe to fitness premium apps for less than USD9 per month.

After giving birth in 2017, my weight gained from 50-ish kg to 60-ish kg in 2 years. Since I am petite, so I am overweight plus my son is still breastfeeding makes me starving all the time. I simply said no to that friend, thinking my son will be going to playschool next year, the money is better to save for him.

But my struggle to lose weight never ends here; I follow a diet plan that suits my daily activities and stop eating after 8 pm. Fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. 18:6. It is called Intermittent Fasting. I tried this method before and losing about 2/3kg per week. I was thinking of enrolling the gym to keep me motivated, you know with the environment and people sharing the same mission, to lose weight and keep fit; but I have to put on hold because I still cannot find a babysitter for my son, and it is not necessary at the moment since my husband already set up a home gym.

So today is the beginning of the day, let’s start now and see the result 28 days later, although everyone knows that is hard for me. *cries*

Update : I just found out from a friend, that my friend that approached me for a weight loss program was actually selling Herba Life as a meal replacement. Plus I failed my 28 days IF program, let’s move to FACE YOGA METHOD. ROFL!

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