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Depression Is Real

Hello, I’m back to writing. I went through a miscarriage early this year ( 16 weeks pregnant and twas my fifth pregnancy). It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I still haven’t properly healed. Every day I spend less time thinking about it; every day the pain gets less aggressive. It’s there still, but it’s quieter and tamer. For the past few months, I didn’t want to get up to entertain my son and husband, let alone go to work. I was easily swayed by my feelings. 

During that time, I was too selfish, getting mad easily and I need someone to be blamed for the loss. Allahuakbar, God is GREAT, HE sends me an amazing husband to comfort me when I need it no matter how much I acted. He resigned from his 8 am – 6 pm work just to take care of my son and me; Recently I realized, my son needs me the most. I have to wake up from this wildest dreams and start new.


I was a blogger back then. All this while I’m hiding behind brands, hand in hand with my husband to empower business owners to go online. In this blog I plan to keep writing about random thoughts, sharing some of the digital/textile designs that I’m currently selling and past/future projects to keep me sane.

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