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A Richness Lies

I was into Multi Level Marketing (MLM) back in 2104 and with the online marketing skills that we (my husband and I) have, we became an instant millionaire with the higher record of total group sales MYR 24 million in 2 years. MLM system is not that bad, it’s the people behind it. I enjoyed meeting people, explaining about the opportunity that the company has to offer, but when we were on top, being in this industry brought us down under in a split second. The founders ran with the investors money, the website closed down, and all the blame goes to the introducer.

I always go with “honesty is the best policy”, all the burden fall on our shoulder. We paid the investors with our own money, and the moment I am writing this entry, we are still struggling to pay them. When we earn more, we pay them more. We give up our wealthy lifestyle, out of the comfort zone and start back from zero. Letting go of our luxury cars was the hardest part of life. It was part of our major milestone when we first reached our first half million. We finally decided to leave KL and live a humble life in a small hometown. This is the reality of doing business. High risk, high return.

Also, so-called close friends when we were on top, cut ties. We are no longer give benefits to them. We were left alone, but that’s okay. At least when we are back on track, we don’t have to face this kind of people anymore. After all, we feel at peace now. Thank God, we’ve gone through this when we were young.

I keep my circle small. I don’t easily trust people and hardly making new friends. My network is based on facts, statistics and figures. Investment? MLM? Nah, better use our marketing skills to empower business owners with real products.

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