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Sweat Revenge

Last few weeks, I was approached by a friend for a weight loss program monitored by her online, and it costs around RM370 per month. I was like, really? Too expensive for a fitness program where you can Google it online or subscribe to fitness premium apps for less than USD9 per month.

After giving birth in 2017, my weight gained from 50-ish kg to 60-ish kg in 2 years. Since I am petite, so I am overweight plus my son is still breastfeeding makes me starving all the time. I simply said no to that friend, thinking my son will be going to playschool next year, the money is better to save for him.

But my struggle to lose weight never ends here; I follow a diet plan that suits my daily activities and stop eating after 8 pm. Fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. 18:6. It is called Intermittent Fasting. I tried this method before and losing about 2/3kg per week. I was thinking of enrolling the gym to keep me motivated, you know with the environment and people sharing the same mission, to lose weight and keep fit; but I have to put on hold because I still cannot find a babysitter for my son, and it is not necessary at the moment since my husband already set up a home gym.

So today is the beginning of the day, let’s start now and see the result 28 days later, although everyone knows that is hard for me. *cries*

Update : I just found out from a friend, that my friend that approached me for a weight loss program was actually selling Herba Life as a meal replacement. Plus I failed my 28 days IF program, let’s move to FACE YOGA METHOD. ROFL!

A Richness Lies

I was into Multi Level Marketing (MLM) back in 2104 and with the online marketing skills that we (my husband and I) have, we became an instant millionaire with the higher record of total group sales MYR 24 million in 2 years. MLM system is not that bad, it’s the people behind it. I enjoyed meeting people, explaining about the opportunity that the company has to offer, but when we were on top, being in this industry brought us down under in a split second. The founders ran with the investors money, the website closed down, and all the blame goes to the introducer.

I always go with “honesty is the best policy”, all the burden fall on our shoulder. We paid the investors with our own money, and the moment I am writing this entry, we are still struggling to pay them. When we earn more, we pay them more. We give up our wealthy lifestyle, out of the comfort zone and start back from zero. Letting go of our luxury cars was the hardest part of life. It was part of our major milestone when we first reached our first half million. We finally decided to leave KL and live a humble life in a small hometown. This is the reality of doing business. High risk, high return.

Also, so-called close friends when we were on top, cut ties. We are no longer give benefits to them. We were left alone, but that’s okay. At least when we are back on track, we don’t have to face this kind of people anymore. After all, we feel at peace now. Thank God, we’ve gone through this when we were young.

I keep my circle small. I don’t easily trust people and hardly making new friends. My network is based on facts, statistics and figures. Investment? MLM? Nah, better use our marketing skills to empower business owners with real products.

Depression Is Real

Hello, I’m back to writing. I went through a miscarriage early this year ( 16 weeks pregnant and twas my fifth pregnancy). It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and I still haven’t properly healed. Every day I spend less time thinking about it; every day the pain gets less aggressive. It’s there still, but it’s quieter and tamer. For the past few months, I didn’t want to get up to entertain my son and husband, let alone go to work. I was easily swayed by my feelings. 

During that time, I was too selfish, getting mad easily and I need someone to be blamed for the loss. Allahuakbar, God is GREAT, HE sends me an amazing husband to comfort me when I need it no matter how much I acted. He resigned from his 8 am – 6 pm work just to take care of my son and me; Recently I realized, my son needs me the most. I have to wake up from this wildest dreams and start new.


I was a blogger back then. All this while I’m hiding behind brands, hand in hand with my husband to empower business owners to go online. In this blog I plan to keep writing about random thoughts, sharing some of the digital/textile designs that I’m currently selling and past/future projects to keep me sane.

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